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Betfair Review

Betfair Review

Unfortunately we can no longer recommend joining Betfair to bet on the World Cup due to the high number of reports of them closing users accounts without explanation.

One sportsbook that we're more than happy to recommend however is Bet365.com who have a much better reputation with sports bettors, and have consistently shown that they're a fair and well run company since they launched online back in March of 2001.


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There's a reason why Bet365 are the world’s favourite online sports betting brand. Read our review to find out why.

Betfair are the only online betting exchange to appear on 'World Cup Odds' and are far and away the best exchange to use when betting on the World Cup.

Betfair.com launched at the turn of the century and has gone on to become the largest online betting exchange in the world and has since launched a fixed-odds service too.

Online betting exchanges are slightly different to normal fixed-odds online sportsbooks as they don't actually set the odds themselves, their users do!

A betting exchange allows users to bet with each other meaning that you're placing bets at odds that other users have set rather than the sportsbook.

In operating like this Betfair are usually able to offer some of the best World Cup odds out there on their exhange and sometimes by as much as 15%.

Betfair allows you to either 'back' a World Cup bet, or you can 'lay' a World Cup bet where you actually set the odds for other users to bet on.

One of Betfair's most impressive features is the quantity of World Cup betting options that they offer in both fixed-odds markets as well as exchange betting.

Whatever kind of World Cup bet you want to place, you can usually be guaranteed that another Betfair user has thought of it and laid some odds for it.

The default setting at Betfair is for the odds to be displayed in decimals rather than fractional odds like traditional UK based sportsbooks.

Luckily Betfair sportsbook offer a handy conversion tool that allows you to see both versions of the odds at the same time allowing you to get used to the format.

If that's not enough there are tons of excellent tutorials that explain everything there is to know about betting at a betting exchange like Betfair.com.

The actual Betfair website has improved beyond all recognition since it's first inception in 2000 and is now more intuitive than ever.

Betfair's current website is clean, easy to navigate and clearly leads the way amongst online sportsbooks that also offer betting exchanges.

If you're looking to bet on the World Cup via a sportsbook that offers fixed odds and exchange betting, you'll not find many better equipped than Betfair.


Here are the contact details for Betfair.com should you need to get in touch:

Phone UK: 0870 0110 444
Phone Int: +44 20 8834 8060
Email: [email protected]
Address: Betfair, The Waterfront, H'smith Embankment, London W6 9HP United Kingdom