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World Cup Sweepstake Kit

World Cup Sweepstake Kit
  1. Download and print out sweepstake kit
  2. Cut out team names/offer to participants
  3. Give prizes to owners of the top 4 teams

We can't think of a better way to enjoy the upcoming 2026 World Cup than to run your very own World Cup sweepstake for your friends or work colleagues.

You'd normally have to wait until nearer the start of the World Cup for a sweepstake kit from a newspaper but there's no need to wait as we've got one ready right now!

Downloading The Sweepstake Kit

Simply download our free 2026 World Cup sweepstake kit using this link, or via the 'Download Kit' button above, print it out and then cut out all of the team names.

You'll then be able to create a sweepstake group, where your work colleagues, your friends or even the crowd of regulars down your local pub can join in.

The kit includes a variety of prize fund options depending on how much you think your participants are likely to stump up for each entry into your World Cup sweepstakes.

It's then just a case of waiting to see who wins this years World Cup Final, which teams come second, third and fourth, and then handing out the prize money accordingly.

Our World Cup sweepstake download comes in the PDF file format as it's one of the most commonly used file formats on the internet and simple to print out.

To view and print out our 2026 World Cup sweepstake kit you'll need a copy of Adobe Reader/Acrobat, or similar software or operating systems that allow you to view and print files.

Adobe Reader or Acrobat usually comes pre-installed on most PC's or Mac's, but in case you haven't got it, you can download it for free from the Adobe Website.

Running a World Cup Sweepstake

Instructions for running your very own World Cup sweepstake are as follows....

  • Print out the 2026 World Cup sweepstake kit, cut out each teams name, fold them in half and then put them into a hat or a container for participants to select an entry from.
  • You can then decide how much to ask per entry. For example, with 48 competing teams you could charge £2 per team, which would make a total prize fund of £96.
  • Next, get your friends/colleagues to draw team names from the hat or container. It's probably a good idea to keep a record of who drew which team, and also jot down a mobile number for each participant, to save any confusion once the tournament has ended.
  • It's important to ensure that you sell all of the teams. Plus, it's advisable to keep the teams that have already been picked a secret until they've all been selected. This reduces the chance of you not being able to sell the lower ranked teams that could still be left.
  • After the World Cup has been won you can then distribute the winnings! If participants paid £2 per entry as detailed in the example above, the prize fund would be split as follows: World Cup Winner: £50, Runner up: £25, Third place: £15 and Fourth place winning £6.

And that's really all there is to running your very own sweepstake competition for the 2026 World Cup that's all set to kick-off on the 8th of June in North America!